Trademark Registration

When your brand is strong and has a good foundation, your employees and team members will feel a higher sense of connection and motivation
Clearly defined brand goals and projections, alongside core values and personality, will help create a company culture that everyone on the team can be proud of

Pro Tip: If you’re using Visme, you can create an interactive brand style guide and publish it as an online document that can be shared with a link
Embed videos, add links and more, and even add animated GIFs to bring your document to life

As time passes, your brand positioning may transform and evolve, but hopefully in a positive direction
Some brands achieve good positioning globally, while others only need to have successful positioning in their local community
It all depends on what the brand offers to its customers and how big it wants to grow

Measure brand equity

The next step is to choose the color palette to use within your brand’s visual assets
Do the same type of research you did for the logo to figure out the colors

Step 8: Implement Your Brand Across All Touchpoints

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